Arrogant coalition claims local election trouncing just a “midterm blip”

Eric Pickles on the tv at and the wails of a teething two year old did nothing to wipe the smile of satisfaction of my face as I watched the labour gains clocking up last night. William Hague was the Prince of Arrogance this morning as he proclaimed the results were merely a “midterm blip” only to be expected in times of austerity. The Liberal Democrats were driven further into political wasteland as they paid the price for dancing with the devil that is coalition politics. The party I nearly voted for at the last election are left facing the prospect of being over taken by “the others” in local politics and it is time for some very deep soul searching.

More worrying than Tory arrogance and Lib dem impotence is the way that the population has disconnected from politics – the turnout yesterday was appalling low and can only be a bad thing for the future of our country. Tom Watson was President of the student union when I was at Hull University and was every bit as dynamic as he is now – lets hope there are a few more student activists like him, who will rejuvenate politics in the near future.