Child with Downs Syndrome denied First Communion

Is it any wonder the Catholic Church has families leaving in droves and faces a bleak future when my local parish makes headline news having denied a child with Downs Syndrome the opportunity to make his First Communion? The story today to be honest moved me to tears. I have worked as a primary teacher for 12 years. I have had my children baptised catholic, was brought up as a catholic and prepared my classes for First Communion. I also worked one to one with a deaf child and went to tribunal to fight for his right to be educated in mainstream school. It is suggested that the school influenced the decision by stating that the child had limited understanding of the RE curriculum and that he did not enjoy going to mass. I can safely say that none of my children enjoy going to mass and that many children have limited understanding of the RE curriculum. If the decision was left to the discretion of the Parish priest as these things often are then he should be ashamed.The school should be ashamed if they did not fight the decision and some retraining in special educational needs is long overdue.
The Catholic church is guilty of blatant discriminations andhas no future if it puts outdated attitudes and doctrine above love and compassion.