Fresh Nuclear Fears Over Iran

Reading The Guardian story this morning about USA and UK fears over Iran’s nuclear intentions and capabilities. It took me back to when I was in High School. The fear of a nuclear attack kept me awake at night. It seemed a very real possibility that the super powers would unleash a nuclear bomb on each other either deliberately or by accident. The imagination of my English teachers had been set alight by the nuclear cold war and our drama lessons consisted of re-enacting the aftermath of a nuclear attack. We watched films about Hiroshima and I wrote impassioned poetry about my family being wiped out. Threads a film written by Barry Hines and directed by Mick Jackson was all we talked about.

CND and Greenham Common were constantly on the news. A Leaflet snappily titled “Protect and Survive “ popped cheerily through our letterboxes detailing what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

If I was afraid as a child, I reflect now that as parents to 6 young children my Mum and Dad must have been pretty concerned too to put it mildy. Being a mum to five now I can imagine how I would feel it the threat of nuclear war raised it head in everyday life – in the form of government instructions on how to create a fall out room in your home and to stockpile enough food and water for 14 days.

The world has been preoccupied with Al-Quaeda and all the while Iran has been hiding like the bogey man in the corner. Washington will undoubtedly ask for UK support if attacks on Iran’s nuclear installations are needed to disrupt it’s suspect uranium enrichment programme. The coalition has enough on its plate already but will have little option but to offer support. USA cyber attacks have been unsucessful in permanently disrupting the progression of Iran’s nuclear capabilities.I’llĀ  be following watch this story with interest and a little resurrected teenage insecurity….