Public Sector Strikes understandable but in vain

As a former teacher and a previous small business owner married to a serving teacher I can see today’s public sector strikes from both sides. I understand the anger of those who chose to work in the public sector accepting lower wages,but with the bonus of a good pension,who feel that they are paying the price for the financial crisis. I understand the irritation of private sector workers imconvenienced by todays strikes, among them many business owners who don’t have a pension at all, who feel public sector workers should share the pain.
The autumn statement and analysis of the current financial position of the UK made uncomfortable viewing – in the light the ongoing eurozone crisis I feel the public sector has no option but to accept the deal they have been offered. With up to 750000 public sector job losses predicted by the end of the Parliament many striking today may soon be joining the ranks of the unemployed and perhaps should be grateful to have a job at all!