Adoption reform not a minute too soon

It is a national disgrace that there are 3,600 under one year old babies languishing in council care. The story in The Guardian this morning that a new scheme Give A Child A  Home will require councils to work faster and in a  less bureaucratic way to find new homes for children. Knowing people who have gone through the process of becoming adoptive parents the pendulum had swung too far towards suspicion of the motives of prospective parents. Every aspect of their lives was analysed and probed with the emphasis being for them to prove that they would make good parents. Cutting red tape seems to be an anthem for this government and this is one area in which it will be welcomed by the many people who put themselves forward to adopt. At present only 60 babies a year are adopted into families out of 3,600.

A big push on encouraging more families to come forward to provide foster care is also happening and this is desperately needed. Councils will also be judged on the educational attainment of children who are in council care – this is another area which badly needs monitoring. The needs of children living in council homes is a subject which gets very little press coverage and we shouldn’t forget these vulnerable children by placing the emphasis entirely on adoption.



3 thoughts on “Adoption reform not a minute too soon

  1. I agree; it is a disgrace. It is something that this country needs to address urgently. Adoptive parents just want to give a child a good home, love them and nurture them, and they are being prevented from doing that because of stupid reasons like one of the prospective parents is overweight, or one is too old. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous when there are so many children waiting to be adopted.

    CJ xx

  2. I really hope that this marks the start of a change in this country – If breaks my heart to think of children without a family and If I didn’t have 5 children already I would seriously consider adoption – I couldn’t believe that only 60 babies a yet are adopted and yet people are going overseas to adopt.

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